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01 Amazing Day

An Oratorio in seven parts for Soprano and Baritone solo, SATB Choir and Orchestra (also available with keyboard accompaniment)
1) Amazing Day * (3:50)
2) The Lords Prayer * (2:59)
3) Pie Jesu * (4:39)
4) Introit/Kyrie/Sanctus * (9:08)
5) Ave Maria * (4:18)
6) The Lord is My Shepherd * (3:29)
7) Hallelujah * (3:40)

02 Other Vocal

I live again * (3:15)
For solo Tenor/Baritone, with piano and string trio accompaniment
Father * (2:46)
For solo Soprano/Alto, harp and string quartet

When poppies fall (3:45)
For solo Baritone/Tenor, with orchestral accompaniment

These three songs are available separately, but form the 'Swansongs' cycle

Memories of the Alhambra (4:02)
For Tenor with orchestral accompaniment
Beyond Compare (4:37)
For Tenor with orchestral accompaniment
Christmas Gift of Love (3:11)
For Soprano/Tenor with orchestral accompaniment
Come una Preghiera (4.44)
For solo Tenor with orchestral accompaniment

* Score available

03 Instrumental

Concerto Magna Carta for guitar and orchestra *
Movement I: Allegro con brio
Movement II: Adagietto espressivo teneramente
Movement III: Allegro con brio
Romance No.1 * (2:57)
For guitar and string orchestra/string quartet.
(also available for solo guitar and in tab format)
Romance No.2 * (4:07)
For guitar and string quartet
Sahara * (3:22)
For solo guitar
(also available in tab format)
El Verano * (4:02)
(based on my 'Pie Jesu')
For guitar and string quartet
Elegy * (4:03)
Arranged for Guitar and string quartet, String orchestra and Guitar quartet
Adagio for guitar (3:15)

Meditation No.1 (3:30)
For Alto vocal, Viola and Piano
Meditation No.2 (4:49)
For Violin and Piano
Meditation No.3 (3:44)
For Flute and Harp
You can purchase the score for Amazing Day through Hal Leonard and most other Scores through our shop.

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